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In Check Cashing, taking chances on check presented by strangers could cost you a great deal of money. In recent years identity theft has been on the rise, causing businesses and individuals billions of dollars worth of losses which makes our Check Cashing Management System a must for your Business.

RizCash (A SafeGuard for your Check Cashing Business) is a check cashing business management tool designed to streamline and control the check cashing business processes.

RizCash helps businesses to reduce repeated check losses, employee dependency, fraud, transaction time and backend paperwork. This leads to increase in profits, security, convenience, better management, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

- Increase Profit : Automation features help you increase profits by catering to a bigger customer base.
- Improve Efficiency : Helps you to increase customer base by streamlining business processes.
- Reduce losses : Safeguards you against cashing bad checks by identifying new customers as well as customers with previously bounced checks.
- Reduce fraud : Helps you in identifying home printed checks and customer enrollment requirements in the system keep your business safe from offenders.
- Secure Assets : Security features ensure authorize access to your critical data.
- Compliance : Helps you in maintaining IRS required documentation on your business.
- Better Decision Making : Comprehensive reporting and history tracking helps in making better decisions.
- Remove Employee dependency : Any of your employees with no prior experience and knowledge can cash the checks of regular customers using the stored customers and companies information.
- Increase Customer Satisfaction : Customers are always satisfied because of reduction in average transaction time.
- Increase Convenience : No pre-requisites required for cashing checks of regular customers.
- Increase Business Value : Stored information of customers and companies helps you in reselling your business and gives a confidence to buyer.
 RizCash System Specification
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